Automatic refills: Your medication routine made easy

man holding medication

When you enroll an eligible prescription into the automatic refill program, Express Scripts will refill and ship your prescription to you before you run out of medication. Automatic refills helps to ensure that you have enough medication on hand to take as instructed by your doctor, which may lead to better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

How do I enroll a prescription in automatic refill?

Log in or create an online account. Select the eligible prescription you would like to enroll.

Are all prescriptions eligible for automatic refill?

Not all medications are eligible for automatic refills. Many common maintenance medications taken for long-term therapy such as high-blood pressure medication or birth control contraceptives will be eligible for automatic refills.

How does the automatic refill program work?

When you enroll your prescription, you will need to select a preferred method of communication (phone call, email or text message) to receive alerts about upcoming automatic refill orders.

Express Scripts will contact you before your last refill to ensure you are still taking the medication. Action is needed within 10 days to confirm you would like your prescription refilled and processed. Once you confirm, we will reach out to your doctor to renew your prescription. Your current payment method will be charged for your copayment when your order ships.

If you do not respond, no action will begin and your next prescription will not be shipped.

How early can I renew my prescription?

You do not have to wait for an alert to confirm your prescription renewal. By visiting your online account or the mobile app, you can proactively take action to renew and continue automatic refills for your prescription.

How do I change or cancel an automatic refill order?

You can change or cancel any automatic refill order before we begin processing it.

Once we alert you about your upcoming automatic refill order, you will have 10 days to change or cancel the order.

Download the Express Scripts Mobile App® to quickly update or change delivery dates for your orders. You can also track your order while it’s processed and shipped.

What if I have other medications enrolled in the automatic refill program?

If you get automatic refills for other medications, we will contact you about each one when the prescription runs out.

Why do I have to provide consent to continue automatic refills?

Consent is required after your last refill to ensure you still need your prescription and that you don’t have an oversupply or undersupply of medication on hand. With your consent Express Scripts will reach out to your doctor to support your continued medication therapy.