Stay on track with immunizations

Girl playing with toy while mom watches

Back to school may look different this fall, but keeping up with routine vaccinations for your children is more important than ever. Vaccination gives you the power to protect your children from serious diseases and can help keep your community safe and healthy.

Since many healthcare offices were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, your children may have missed out on routine vaccinations. Now that more doctor’s offices are open for in-person visits, you can take the steps to get your children back on track with the immunizations they need.

TRICARE coverage for vaccines is based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Review the vaccines by age list to see which vaccines are recommended for your children based on their age.

Where can I get my children vaccinated?

Your TRICARE benefit offers different options for you and your family to get vaccinated.

Military Immunization Clinic

Find a military hospital or clinic that offers vaccines. If your military immunization clinic is closed, you can visit a retail network pharmacy or see a TRICARE authorized provider.

TRICARE Retail Network Pharmacy

Find a pharmacy near you and review TRICARE's list of covered vaccines. Vaccines administered at your retail pharmacy usually don't require an appointment and use the same effective medications as your physician's office. Before you arrive, contact your pharmacy to confirm the availability of the vaccine. Be sure to get your vaccine from a pharmacist and not the in-pharmacy clinic.

TRICARE Authorized Provider

You can get covered vaccines from any TRICARE-authorized provider at no cost. You may have to pay copayments or cost-shares for the office visit or for other services received during the same visit.

To learn more about vaccination safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, visit the CDC website.