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If you are within the United States, please call us toll-free at: (877)363-1303
If you have hearing impairment, TTP: (877)540-6261

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Toll-free number outside of the United States: (877)363-1303

Or, dial the in-country access code listed below:

  • Germany: 00+800-3631-3030
  • Italy: 00+800-3631-3030
  • Japan–IDC: 0061+800-3631-3030
  • Japan–Japan Telecom: 0041+800-3631-3030
  • Japan–KDD: 010+800-3631-3030
  • Japan–Other: 0033+800-3631-3030
  • South Korea: 002+800-3631-3030
  • Turkey: 0811-288-0001 (once prompted, input 877-363-1303)
  • United Kingdom: 00+800-3631-3030

To report a possible fraud:


Contact the TRICARE fraud tip hotline
Call toll-free at: (866)759-6139
Or, email us at:

If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911 for emergency services.
For urgent medical questions, please contact your doctor or other healthcare provider.