Getting Started

Learn more about your pharmacy benefit.

A woman looks at one of her medicine bottles

Who We Are

Express Scripts is TRICARE’s pharmacy benefit manager.

Just like your health plan covers doctor visits, your Express Scripts prescription plan covers the medication your doctor prescribes.

Express Scripts is also one of the nation’s largest home delivery pharmacies.

We deliver about 4 million prescriptions a week to our civilian and TRICARE members around the world. We’re ready to send your medication to you, wherever you are. Millions of Americans save money and time with Express Scripts.

Getting Your Medication

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Home Delivery

You can skip the trip to the pharmacy to get long-term medications to treat conditions like high cholesterol, blood pressure, or thyroid issues. We’ll ship 90-day refills right to you in secure, weather-resistant packaging. Delivery is convenient and costs less than a trip to the retail pharmacy.

You can also choose Automatic Refills and we’ll send your medication before you run out.

We know choice is important to you and your health.

You have two other options for getting prescription medication. Choose what works for your time and budget. Don’t worry, you can always change your mind.


Go to a participating military treatment facility MTF to pick up most medication with no copay.

Retail Pharmacy

Get your medication at a retail pharmacy in the TRICARE network. A copay is required for each 30-day supply.

Create an Account

Registering is quick and easy. You’ll need your DoD Benefits Number which is printed on your Military ID card.

For security purposes, each family member on your plan has to have their own individual account.


Start with Your Account

Manage your medication 24/7.

Set up Home Delivery

It’s a safe, convenient, and often less expensive way to get your medication. And, you pay nothing for standard shipping to any address.

Get automatic refills

Your medication will arrive like clockwork each time a refill is ready.

See your out-of-pocket spending

Review pharmacy claims to see what you’ve spent on medications.

Price a medication

Search drug prices, see what’s covered, and decide what’s best for you: Home Delivery or getting medication at your local pharmacy.