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About Us

Express Scripts is TRICARE’s pharmacy benefit manager

Just like your health plan covers visits to your doctor, your Express Scripts prescription plan covers the medication your doctor prescribes. Express Scripts manages the prescription plan for all TRICARE beneficiaries. You and your covered family members will have the same coverage, regardless of your TRICARE health plan.

We’re also one of the nation’s largest home delivery pharmacies

Express Scripts® Pharmacy delivers about 4 million prescriptions a week to our civilian and TRICARE members around the world, helping them to save time and money.

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Getting Your Medication


Home Delivery
Skip the trip to the pharmacy. Get your long-term medications delivered. We’ll ship up to a 3-month supply right to you. Learn more

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Military Pharmacy
You can get some medications through a participating military pharmacy with no copay. Visit to find a military hospital or clinic near you.


Retail Pharmacy
When you have a prescription filled at a participating pharmacy, present your military ID card to the pharmacist. They will verify your coverage and prescription cost. A copay is required for each 1-month supply.

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Accredo Pharmacy
Accredo is an industry leading specialty pharmacy that offers expanded services at no additional cost beyond your TRICARE cost-share. These expanded services include condition-specific care from specialized clinicians who are available 24/7 to help you. Plus, you will receive additional support from a team of social workers and patient care advocates ready to help you safely manage your medication therapy. You can also take advantage of date-specific scheduling to help you know when your specialty medication will arrive. To take advantage of these expanded services, talk to your doctor about the best time to move your specialty medication to Accredo.

Pharmacy Benefit Overview


Covered Medications
To check coverage and compare costs for a medication, use the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool.
Non-Covered Medications
Non-covered medications can be filled at any retail pharmacy. You are responsible for paying the full cost. The amount you pay for a non-covered medication won’t apply to your catastrophic cap. Non-covered medications are not available at military pharmacies or through home delivery.

Prescription Claims

Download Form
To request reimbursement for a prescription, log in to download the prescription claim form and follow the instructions. You can also visit to download the form. Please note: Form submission does not guarantee coverage.
File a Claim Online
To submit a claim online, log in to your account.

You will need your prescriber information, a photocopy of your pharmacy receipt, and the phone number for the pharmacy where you filled your prescription.

Medical Necessity Claims

Proof of Medical Necessity is required for some medications. In some cases, you may be eligible for a lower copayment if your doctor completes a medical necessity form. Download a medical necessity form through the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool.

Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization is a process to make sure you get the right medication for your health and your coverage plan. We use it to make sure your medication is safe and effective. Learn more or download a prior authorization form for your doctor through the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool.

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