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You have a variety of convenient pharmacy choices to fill your specialty medications.

Express Scripts® Pharmacy Home Delivery
Your medication may be eligible for home delivery from Express Scripts® Pharmacy. You can see which medications are eligible for home delivery by using the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool.

Military pharmacies
Visit to find a military pharmacy near you. Call your military pharmacy to ask if your medication is available. There is no cost to fill your specialty prescriptions at a military pharmacy.

Retail pharmacies
On 1 January 2023, Accredo will be the primary in-network pharmacy option for beneficiaries filling specialty medications. To help you get started early, Accredo is available to you today. Additionally, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy is available for beneficiaries filling fertility medication. Freedom Fertility will be the primary in-network pharmacy option for fertility medication needs starting 1 January 2023.

Use the chart to find pharmacies near you for filling your specialty prescriptions:

Name Pharmacies Phone Number Pharmacy Locator

FREEDOM FERTILITY PHARMACY Freedom Fertility 1-800-660-4283




KROGER Kroger 1-800-576-4377
RITE AID Rite Aid 1-800-748-3243

Please note: Beneficiaries can file a claim for a partial reimbursement of the cost of their medication when filling at a non-network pharmacy. For more information, visit