Take advantage of the ease and speed of ePrescribing

Take advantage of the ease and speed of ePrescribing

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Easy for you. Better for patients.

Keep it simple by sending your TRICARE patients’ prescriptions directly to their pharmacy of choice. Electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) is a convenient and fast way to get your patients the medication they need.

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Discover the benefits of Express Scripts® Pharmacy


When you ePrescribe to Express Scripts® Pharmacy, you save time for both you and your patients. And we deliver their prescriptions with free standard delivery wherever they are, even during deployment, relocation, or vacation.


Patients who use Express Scripts® Pharmacy are 26% - 39% more likely to be adherent to their medication compared to retail pharmacy patients.1


We carefully monitor each prescription to ensure your patients receive exactly what you prescribed. Through the latest pharmacy technology, we deliver an overall dispensing accuracy rate greater than 99.99%.2

  • 1Express Scripts® Pharmacy compared to retail pharmacies; disease states include diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Hospitalizations and ER visits are all cause, not specific to the disease state.
  • 2Express Scripts® Pharmacy Data – 2019

How to ePrescribe

Use your electronic health record system to submit prescriptions to your patient’s pharmacy of choice. When using Express Scripts® Pharmacy, most prescriptions can be written for a 3-month supply and they’ll be delivered right to your patient.


Express Scripts® Pharmacy

Use your electronic health record to submit prescriptions to:
Express Scripts Home Delivery
4600 North Hanley Road, St. Louis MO 63134


Military pharmacies

All military pharmacies are listed as DoD “Site Name” ePhcy
Example: DoD FT Drum ePhcy


Retail network pharmacies

You can also electronically submit prescriptions to a retail pharmacy in the TRICARE network. A copay is required for each 1-month supply.
Find a TRICARE network pharmacy.