If I have other health insurance (OHI), can I use TRICARE retail network pharmacies?

Yes. When you fill a prescription at an in-network retail pharmacy, tell the pharmacist if you have TRICARE coverage in addition to your OHI. Your pharmacist will submit your prescription to both insurance plans at the same time. Letting your pharmacist know you have two prescription plans means:

  • Minimal out-of-pocket expenses for you
  • Never paying more than the TRICARE copayment
  • No need to submit paper claims
  • Reduced or eliminated up-front costs

To get reimbursed by TRICARE:

  1. Keep the receipt for your medication. You will need to file a claim with TRICARE for reimbursement within one year from the date your prescription was filled.
  2. Fill out the Patient's Request for Medical Payment (DD 2642) form.
  3. Submit this form along with your OHI explanation of benefits and your receipt to:

Express Scripts Inc.

P.O. Box 52132

Phoenix, AZ 85082

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