Who is Accredo?

Accredo® is an accredited specialty pharmacy serving patients with complex and chronic health conditions. Accredo provides specialty pharmacy services, such as scheduled medication delivery and refill reminder calls. You will be able to get advice from staff trained in your condition throughout your medication therapy. Accredo specialty pharmacy services are available to you at no additional cost beyond your TRICARE cost-share.

Accredo operates as a home delivery pharmacy and supports beneficiaries filling eligible specialty drugs at TRICARE Home Delivery. Accredo also operates as an in-network retail pharmacy and can support beneficiaries filling certain specialty drugs that are not available at TRICARE Home Delivery or a military pharmacy. This means your cost-share may sometimes be different when you fill at Accredo because, depending on the drug, you could be filling your prescriptions at two different points of service – TRICARE Home Delivery and an in-network retail pharmacy.

To see where you can fill your specialty drug and the associated cost-share, visit the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool.

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