COVID-19 Resource Center

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COVID-19 Resource Center

As more information becomes available about the COVID-19 vaccine, trying to navigate it can be overwhelming. You may be wondering where to get it, when to get it, and if you even qualify to get it.

We’re here to help. Find answers to common questions, learn how we can help you stay safe, and check your state’s vaccination plan.

COVID-19 News

The FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization of the first COVID-19 vaccine on December 11, 2020. This marks a significant milestone in the battle against the global pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends everyone ages 12 and older to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

How to Stay Safe with Home Delivery

Protect yourself and skip the trip to the pharmacy. You can get your medicine delivered right to your door.

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Vaccine Resources by State

Vaccine guidelines and requirements can vary by state and county. To help make it easier, we’ve put together links to each state’s health department vaccine resources with information about when and how to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are COVID-19 vaccines covered for TRICARE beneficiaries?

Yes, COVID-19 vaccines are covered through the TRICARE pharmacy benefit. At this time, TRICARE beneficiaries can get a COVID-19 vaccine at no cost.

When can I get a COVID-19 vaccination?

Vaccines are now more accessible in the U.S. You can contact your local health department for more information on COVID-19 vaccination in your area. Learn more about the TRICARE COVID-19 vaccine program.

How can I get the COVID-19 vaccination at a retail pharmacy?

Contact a retail pharmacy to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

TRICARE beneficiaries can get the COVID-19 vaccine at any retail pharmacy that is offering the vaccine, even if the pharmacy is not a part of the TRICARE pharmacy network. This only applies to the COVID-19 vaccine. Other vaccines are not covered at out-of-network pharmacies.

Make sure to bring your military ID, which includes your health insurance information when you get the COVID-19 vaccine. Once you receive your vaccine, take proof of your vaccination to your primary care doctor to update your vaccination records.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?

All three vaccines authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been thoroughly tested and found to be safe and effective in preventing COVID-19. They continue to undergo intense safety monitoring. Learn more about COVID-19 vaccine safety.

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