What specialty pharmacy services are available to me?

You have researched your diagnosis and explored your treatment options with your doctor and now you are wondering what services are available to you under your TRICARE pharmacy benefit.

You can fill your specialty medications1 at:

  • In-network retail pharmacies, including Accredo
  • TRICARE Home Delivery, including specialty pharmacy services provided by Accredo
  • Military pharmacies

When you fill your specialty medications at Accredo, you will receive individualized care from a team that specializes in your condition and who take the time to understand your circumstances.

“Having a highly coordinated, specialized care team makes a significant difference during treatment,” stated Susan Peppers, Accredo by Evernorth Vice President of Pharmacy Practice. “Accredo care teams work with you and your doctor to understand, not only your treatment, but what your goals are, and if you are experiencing any side effects from your medication. We want to ensure your quality of life is at its highest during your treatment and that starts with a specialized care team by your side.”

Accredo’s condition-specific Therapeutic Resource Centers (TRCs) provide specialized care for patients diagnosed with cancer, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory conditions, and other specialty conditions. Accredo specialized care teams includes pharmacists, nurses, and social workers. Dietitian support is also available for some conditions. These specialized care teams may reach out to you for periodic clinical evaluation, to address your questions, and to assist with any medication challenges you are experiencing. This type of clinical support is provided to you at no additional cost, and your participation is completely voluntary.

Accredo also provides specialty pharmacy services, such as scheduled medication delivery and refill reminders based on your communication preferences – call, text, or email. Accredo will schedule and ship2 your specialty medications – even those that need special handling, such as refrigeration, to you or your doctor’s office3. Specialty-trained pharmacists and nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

These specialty pharmacy services are provided at no additional cost beyond your TRICARE cost-share. To learn more about the coverage and cost of a medication, visit the Formulary Search Tool (FST).

To learn more about the specialty pharmacy services you can expect to receive at Accredo, visit accredo.com/dodspecialty.

1TRICARE, through the Department of Defense Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee process, defines what is considered a “specialty medication” and maintains the specialty drug list.

2Accredo can ship prescriptions overseas, if you have an Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO) or Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) address. Refrigerated drugs cannot be shipped to APO/FPO/DPO addresses. There are exceptions to home delivery shipping in Germany due to country-specific legal restrictions.

3When allowed by law.

Published 4/5/2024.

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