Why you should choose Express Scripts® Pharmacy

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Many families rely on the convenience of mail order for household products. More frequently, people are depending on delivery for medications, and benefiting from it. Home Delivery from Express Scripts® Pharmacy offers many advantages, including safe and reliable delivery, affordable medication prices, and access to specialized pharmacists.

What are the benefits of using Express Scripts® Pharmacy?

Support and care

If you have questions about your medication, Express Scripts® Pharmacy has a team of trained pharmacists ready to help you 24/7. These pharmacists specialize in different diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, to provide care and counseling to keep you healthy.

Safe and reliable delivery

Express Scripts® Pharmacy dispenses hundreds of millions of prescriptions each year with greater than 99.99999% accuracy, then packages and delivers them in safe, weather-resistant packaging. Looking to track your order? Download the Express Scripts mobile app to get real-time updates as we fill and ship your order.

Affordable medication prices

Express Scripts® Pharmacy offers affordable pricing based on your plan and includes free standard delivery for your medications. You can get up to a 90-day supply of your medication with each refill. To find the coverage and cost of your medication, use our online Formulary Search Tool. Copayments apply with Home Delivery.

How to get started with Home Delivery:

Do you have a new prescription? Ask your doctor to e-prescribe a 90-day supply to Express Scripts® Pharmacy. Or, ask a military pharmacist to transfer your prescription to home delivery.

If you have an active prescription, register or log in to your account and switch your eligible medications to home delivery. You can also call Express Scripts at 1.877.363.1303 and we’ll contact your doctor to ask that your prescription be sent to Express Scripts® Pharmacy.

Once we have your prescription, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll check to make sure your prescription is safe and effective before mailing it to you. If we have any questions, we’ll contact your doctor.

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