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If your pharmacy works with TRICARE beneficiaries, we are here to answer your questions.

What to do if a patient has Other Health Insurance (OHI)



The patient’s OHI is the primary payer for prescriptions and TRICARE is the secondary payer, except in certain conditions. When filling a prescription, you can submit to both insurance plans at the same time to reduce the patient’s cost and make sure they don’t need to file a paper claim. Learn more about OHI.

How Deploying patients get medication


Deployment Prescription Program

The Deployment Prescription Program (DPP) allows beneficiaries to get their medications delivered from Express Scripts Pharmacy while deployed overseas. Prescriptions may be submitted for up to a 180-day supply. Providers can submit deployment prescriptions through the MTF Provider Portal, e-prescribe, by fax at (877) 250-8255, or by phone at (877) 283-3858. Learn more.

How high-risk medications are monitored


Prescription Monitoring Program

The PMP supports the MTFs and TRICARE Managed Care Support Contractors with the identification of beneficiaries who are potentially at risk and provides the opportunity for restriction implementation to prevent or decrease the risk of overutilization. The PMP program allows for restrictions on high-risk medications to keep your patients safe. Express Scripts provides reporting to include potential at risk patients as well as current patient restrictions and compliance information.

For more information on the PMP, you can contact Express Scripts at or visit the Military Health System website to learn more.


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