Why should you choose Home Delivery?

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We want to make it as easy as possible to manage your medications. The TRICARE® Home Delivery Pharmacy Program will ship your medication wherever you need it. We’ll ship to your home, office, or if you’re traveling, you can have your medication sent to a short-term address.

Why should I choose home delivery?

  • It can save you money.

    • Pay less for your medication compared to a retail pharmacy.1
    • Get free standard shipping.
Medication Type Retail Pharmacy Home Delivery 90-Day Savings Yearly Savings
Formulary generic $39 $10 $29 $116
Formulary brand $99 $29 $70 $280
Nonformulary brand $180 $60 $120 $480
  • It’s safe and secure.

    • We check your medication history for potentially harmful interactions.
    • We deliver your medication in a plain, secure, and weather-resistant pouch.
  • It’s convenient.

    • Save time and skip the trip to the pharmacy.
    • Set up automatic refills.
    • Talk to a specialist pharmacist about your medication whenever you want.

About our weather-safe packaging

Some medications need to be kept at a specific temperature. Express Scripts uses advanced technology to predict the weather during shipping. We prepare each package for its unique journey. We use white foam coolers and ice packs or warm gel packs to keep medications at the right temperature.

Getting started with home delivery

There are many ways you can sign up for home delivery. We suggest you have at least a 30-day supply left of your medication while we fill your first order.

  • Mobile app: You can transfer an existing prescription to home delivery on the Express Scripts Mobile App®. To download the free app, search “Express Scripts” in the app store. It uses the same username and password as your online account.
  • Online: After a simple one-time registration, you can order refills, check your order status, pay bills, and more.
  • Mail: Fill out the Home Delivery Registration Form (PDF file). Then, mail the form and your 90-day prescription to the address on the form.
  • Phone: Call 877.363.1296. You’ll need your prescription bottle.

Moving? Your medication can move too.

You can change your permanent address or add a temporary address. After you move, make sure you also update your address in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

What if I have other health insurance (OHI)?

Some members have both TRICARE and other health insurance (OHI). This insurance can be private insurance, from your employer, or from Medicare Part D. If your OHI has a prescription benefits plan, you can’t use home delivery. But, you can use home delivery if your medication isn’t covered, your OHI doesn’t cover pharmacy benefits, or you've met your deductible.

  • 1Medication is free for active duty members. Copayments remain the same as the 2017 rates for dependent survivors of Active Duty Service Members and medically retired service members and their dependents. Chart does not include using non-network retail pharmacies and represents the TRICARE copayments effective as of February 1, 2018.

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