Enroll in the Deployment Prescription Program (DPP)

Army man with medicine

You have a lot to deal with when preparing for deployment. We want to make sure you get your long-term medications. Enroll in the Express Scripts Deployment Prescription Program (DPP) and we’ll ship your medications to you. Get your medication when and where you need it.

You can use DPP delivery if you’re:

  • A deployed service member
  • A deployed contractor or civil service employee AND you’re eligible for TRICARE (for example, a retiree or spouse)
    • Exception: DPP is not available if you have other health insurance (OHI) with a pharmacy benefit. By law, you have to use your other benefit plan first.
  • Getting your health care through the Transitional Assistance Management Program

How to enroll in the Deployed Prescription Program:

  1. Talk to your provider. Get a 180-day supply or more of your long-term medication at any Military Treatment Facility (MTF). Your provider will also need to complete a pre-deployment prescription form to enroll you in Express Scripts Home Delivery. Then, ask them to send your pre-deployment prescription to Express Scripts for processing.
  2. Register your Express Scripts account. Put your deployment mailing address (APO/FPO) and email address in your account. If you don’t, your medication will ship to the address we have on file.
    • Express Scripts will email you 60 days into your deployment to remind you to update your current mailing address (APO/FPO). If you don’t receive this email, contact the DPP Team anytime at deployedprescriptionprogram@express-scripts.com or 855-215-4488.
    • Express Scripts will email you 120 days into your deployment to remind you to order your medication.
  3. Order refills online. We’ll send your medication to the address you gave when you submitted the prescription. It takes about 3-4 weeks to ship to an in-theater address.

Express Scripts is honored to administer your TRICARE pharmacy benefit and we appreciate your service to our nation.

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