Accredo will support beneficiaries using TRICARE Home Delivery

Beginning March 1, 2024, Accredo will provide specialty pharmacy services when you fill an eligible specialty[i] medication at TRICARE Home Delivery.

This means Accredo will provide specialty pharmacy services, such as scheduled medication delivery and refill reminder calls. You will also be able to get advice from staff trained in your condition throughout your medication therapy. These expanded specialty pharmacy services are provided at no additional cost beyond your TRICARE cost-share.

Working together to put you first

When you fill your specialty medications at TRICARE Home Delivery, a clinical care team will support you. This care team is available 24/7 and may consist of Accredo pharmacists, nurses, social workers, patient care advocates and dieticians who specialize in your condition.

Your care team will work within one of Accredo’s condition-specific Therapeutic Resource Centers (TRCs). TRCs provide focused care for patients diagnosed with cancer, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory conditions, and other specialty conditions. Accredo’s TRC care teams ensure that patients have a better understanding of their specific disease, medication treatments and side effects, and other factors that can impact health.

What to expect in the near future

If you are currently receiving a specialty medication through TRICARE Home Delivery and have a refill, an Accredo patient care advocate will reach out to schedule your next delivery with Accredo. This change will NOT affect your copay. These changes will not impact your choice to fill certain specialty medications at in-network retail pharmacies or military pharmacies.[ii]

To learn more about the specialty pharmacy services you can expect to receive at TRICARE Home Delivery, visit

[i] TRICARE, through the Department of Defense Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee process, defines what is considered a “specialty medication” and maintains the specialty drug list.

[ii] Formulary decisions made by the Department of Defense may require you to fill certain medications through TRICARE Home Delivery or at a military pharmacy.

Published 1/9/2024.

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