Check vaccines off from your back to school to do list

Father trying to work from home with two sons

Prepare for back-to-school season by making sure you and your family are staying on track with vaccines. Vaccination gives you the power to protect your family from diseases, such as the flu.

Review the vaccination schedule from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to see recommended vaccines for you and your family. TRICARE covers age-appropriate doses of vaccines, as recommended by the CDC.

Where can you get covered vaccines?

Retail pharmacies
You can get TRICARE covered vaccines for free at local participating network pharmacies. Copayments may apply at certain pharmacy clinics. Before you arrive, contact your pharmacy to confirm the vaccine is available and can be administered by a pharmacist. To get started, find a pharmacy near you.

Military immunization clinic
Find a military hospital or clinic that offers vaccines.

Civilian and TRICARE authorized providers
Contact your doctor or see a TRICARE authorized provider at a participating network clinic. If you choose one of these options, you may have a copayment for the office visit.

Visit the Vaccine Resource Center for more information on covered vaccines, such as COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

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