Questions you should be asking your Pharmacist when you start a new medication

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Are you starting a new medication? Then you should consider asking your Pharmacist key questions about the medication you will be taking. Pharmacists play an important role in your health journey and can help reduce the chance of complications related to drugs you are taking.

Here are key questions you should consider asking your pharmacist:

Can I take this with my other medications?
When you start a new medication, make sure your pharmacist has a list of all medications you are taking so they can check for drug interactions. “We’re here to help keep you healthy,” Solomon Conrad, an Express Scripts Patient Consultation Pharmacist says. “Together we can review what you are taking and advise on the best course of therapy.”

A Pharmacist tip: Talk to your Pharmacist about potential drug interactions. When you fill your prescriptions through TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery administered Express Scripts® Pharmacy, our pharmacists check to ensure your maintenance medications are not interacting with other drugs you may be taking. Maintenance medications are those that you take regularly for a chronic condition, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Could this medication interact with my vitamins and supplements?
Certain supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies contain active ingredients that can interact with other medications and possibly cause side effects. When you start a new medication, talk to your pharmacist about potential interactions.

Is there a cheaper option for my prescription?
Ask your pharmacist if your medication is available in generic form if you aren’t already taking the generic version. Generic medications have the same active ingredients as brand name medications. For many medications, TRICARE offers lower copayments when you use a generic medication. You can also search your medication through the Formulary Search Tool (FST) and find other drug options and their cost-share at home delivery and retail network pharmacies.

What should I do if I forget to take my medication?
Confirm the exact dose and timing of each medication with your pharmacist. If you forget to take a medication, your pharmacist can help you stay on track. Missed dose instructions are also included on the Formulary Search Tool (FST). Consider creating a medication schedule, or utilize an app to alert you when to take your medication.

When you fill your prescriptions at Express Scripts® Pharmacy, you can use the Express Scripts® Pharmacy mobile app to set dosage reminders. You’ll get notifications on your phone when it’s time to take your medication.

Express Scripts® Pharmacy is here to help
Our pharmacists are here to make this process safer and easier for you every step of the way. Before we fill your prescriptions, our specially trained pharmacists check them to ensure safety and accuracy. If you have questions about your medications or need help managing side effects, our pharmacists are available 24/7, so you can always get the help you need.

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