Why use the Express Scripts® Mobile App?

Image of the Express Scripts mobile app.

You can manage your medication from anywhere with the free Express Scripts app. It’s like having a pharmacy in your phone. We built our app for iPhone® and Android™ devices.

Search Express Scripts in your app store, download the app, and log in with your Express Scripts username and password.

The Express Scripts app makes it simple to:

  • Order Refills: Quickly order your medications. If your order is ever canceled, we'll send you a message explaining what happened. We’ll also contact you if you need a new prescription.
  • See Order Status: Track your order in real-time. You can also cancel an order if it hasn't processed yet.
  • Set Automatic Refills: Set up automatic refills for your medication. We'll refill and ship your prescription to you before you run out of medication.
  • Set Dose Reminders: Set up alerts to remind you to take your medication. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly reminders. Your drug history automatically updates in the app. And, it checks for drug interactions that could be harmful to you.

The Express Scripts mobile app offers a free, safe, and convenient way to manage your medications. And, we’re always updating the app to make it better for you. Download the Express Scripts mobile app today.

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