What’s Electronic Prescribe (E-Prescribe)?

Patient collaborating with pharmacist

Doctors must request or prescribe a medication before you can place an order.

The fastest way for your doctor to send us your prescription is through e-prescribe, a secure, private network used by most retail and military pharmacies to keep your information confidential.

How to e-prescribe

  1. Ask your doctor to e-prescribe for a safer and faster prescription process. 
  2. Tell them which pharmacy you want to use. Choose a military pharmacy, a network retail pharmacy, or delivery by Express Scripts Pharmacy®.
  3. When you pick up your medication, let your pharmacist know your doctor sent your order electronically. 

Your doctor should be able to e-prescribe most medications although handwritten prescriptions may be required for some medications. For example, military pharmacies do not accept electronic prescriptions for controlled substances.

Information for doctors

Now you can prescribe medications for your patients using e-prescribe. It’s faster than phone or fax.

  • Just create a free and secure account at CoverMyMeds.com.
  • Submit new medication orders or renew existing orders up to 60 days before they expire. 
  • Learn more about electronic prior authorizations.
  • All military pharmacies are listed as DoD “Site Name” ePhcy. 
    Example DoD FT Drum ePhcy.

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