Benefits of the Express Scripts® mobile app

man holding phone and refilling a prescription

The Express Scripts® Mobile App helps beneficiaries securely manage their medication, giving them the peace of mind they deserve. Many patients find the mobile app convenient, accessible and simple to use. It’s like a pharmacy on the go and can help patients:

Order a prescription

Patients can easily see which prescriptions are due for refill or renewal and reorder that medication within the mobile app. The mobile app can also connect patients with our pharmacists 24/7 if they have any questions about their order or their prescription.

Track a prescription order

The mobile app displays current order status information with the estimated ship date, real-time tracking, and can let patients know if a prescription is going to be delayed. When the prescription has shipped, patients can click the tracking number to see where their order is in transit.

Set up automatic refills

Never miss a dose! If a prescription is eligible, patients can set up and manage automatic refills for their medication. Express Scripts will refill and ship prescriptions to patients when 25% of their current prescription is remaining, so they never run out of medication.

Pay a bill

The mobile app will show an individual’s current balance on their account so they can quickly pay a bill. Payment options include: checking account, credit card, PayPal, and Masterpass. Patients can also set up automatic payments for their medication, which allows them to set a limit on how much is drafted from their account.

Manage medications

The Express Scripts mobile app can help patients stick to a routine. Patients can set dose reminders that alert them to take their medication. A recent study[1] showed people using Express Scripts® Pharmacy stuck with their medication routine better.

Visit the Apple App or Google Play Store today to download the Express Scripts Mobile App. For additional information, visit

Posted May 27, 2021

[1] Rochelle Henderson, PhD. “Express Scripts Pharmacy Increases Adherence and Savings.”Express Scripts. 18 Dec. 2020

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