What should I do if my pharmacy doesn't have my medication in stock?

A prescription bottle sits on a counter next to a small pill.

Is your pharmacy out of your medication? Understand your options to continue your medication therapy. Stock shortages can be caused by the recall of a medication, medication backorders, and in some cases, state of emergencies. Additionally, certain manufacturer shortages can impact medication availability at home delivery while not affecting the medication’s availability at pharmacies within the retail network or at military pharmacies.

Here’s what to do if your pharmacy is out of your medication:

Call other TRICARE in-network pharmacies in your area to see if they carry your medication strength in brand or generic

Use the following tool to find a pharmacy near you and ask if they can help you fill your medication. If your medication is in stock, you can continue your medication therapy. Keep in mind, there may be a difference in cost between brand and generic medications. Additionally, retail pharmacy copayments apply.

If you choose to fill at a non-network pharmacy you will pay full price for your prescription and file a claim for reimbursement. Reimbursements are subject to applicable cost-share or copayments and deductibles.

You can also check to see if your medication is available through TRICARE home delivery administered by Express Scripts® Pharmacy. Home delivery is used for medications you take on an ongoing basis. Not all medications are available through home delivery due to coverage limitations. Use the Formulary Search Tool (FST) to see if your medication is eligible for home delivery.

Talk to your doctor about covered alternatives

Take time to call or visit your doctor. They may have recommendations for an alternative medication. You can also visit the Formulary Search Tool (FST) to see other drug options.

Call your military pharmacy to see if they have your medication in stock

You can fill covered medications at military pharmacies at no cost. Call your military pharmacy to verify if your medication is available. You can get up to 90-day supply for most drugs.

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